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Preparation for Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting time availabilities Monday- Thursday 9:00a.m, 12:00a.m. or 5:30p.m. at host location or area location. (Palm Beach County, FL) 1st Friday of the month 1:00p.m. after the Ambassador meeting.

Pictures are always better with a banner, or sign and designated area to set up for photography.  Identify the best place for the picture in advance to ensure a smooth event.

The Chamber of Commerce Membership Services Associate will arrive 20 minutes before the start of the event with a camera, ribbon, and scissors. They will assist in choosing the best position for the photo, if necessary. The person selected to cut the ribbon will be directed and assisted as to where to stand during the picture and how to handle the scissors.

Ambassadors of the Chamber of Commerce will hold the ribbon as the ribbon is cut. Ambassadors meet and greet your guests. Photographer will prompt you when to cut the ribbon, after several photos taken of the group are posed and ready.

Possible participants:

  1. The Chamber Ambassadors can be invited to participate. Additional committees can be included as appropriate.
  2. Company staff including owner, CEO, CFO, COO, management, staff and invited guests.

Food/Refreshments- Optional. Your event will be better attended with refreshment provided. The food preference and the theme for your Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is entirely up to you

Photos will be placed on the Chamber website, launched on the Chamber’s social media platforms and forwarded to the Ribbon Cutting host.

For the Membership Services Associate:

  1. Please state if there are any special driving instructions, parking instructions, and if there are any special requests.
  2. Please submit the Ribbon Cutting Request Form one month in advance.

We look forward to a great event!

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