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Chamber Committees

Chamber Committees offer members the opportunity for additional networking and leadership positions within many of the committee structures. Most committees meet on pre-set monthly dates, although some meet on an as-needed basis.

Many of the Chamber's committees are issue-oriented, such as the Governmental Affairs Committee. Other committees have agendas that focus on educational and service opportunities. The Health and Human Services , Women in Business, and Science and Technology committees are excellent examples of groups that provide their members with meetings that include speaker presentations and community service opportunities.

The Ambassador Committee functions as the elite public relations team, assisting in new member orientations and promoting member retention. It also assists with the Chamber's events and provides feedback to the Chamber Board of Directors regarding the needs and issues concerning members.

Chamber Committees

  • As a public relations welcoming group, representatives greet new members, assist in recruiting new members and promote membership retention.
  • Meets the 1st Friday of the month at noon.
Health & Human Services
  • Improve public awareness and access to the health care resources available in Palm Beach County.
  • Educate the Chamber members, community and the media on important health care issues.
  • Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month virtually or at area health care facilities. (No meetings in July or December)
Science & Technology
  • Provide speaking opportunities and educational programming on related topics.
  • Meets 1st Thursday of the month at varying locations. (No meetings in July or December)


Women in Business
  • Encourage women to expand their business contacts/opportunities by becoming active participants in the Chamber.
  • Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month. (No meetings in July or December)


Governmental Affairs
  • Issue Oriented - meets on an as-needed basis.
  • Review proposed area, state and federal legislation impacting the business community.
More Information:

For more information on the Chamber Committees, contact Rachel Quismundo, at or (561) 833-3711 ext. 225.


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