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Tellus Products, LLC

Tellus Products is the recipient of the Chamber’s 2021 Business of the Year Award. Tellus is an innovative packaging company that upcycles Florida-grown sugarcane fiber and converts it to sustainable tableware and foodservice products, including plates, bowls and take-out containers.
The Tellus® brand provides unique offerings, as they are the only products of their kind that are grown and made in the USA from sugarcane fiber. These plant-based products have no added PFAS and compost back to the earth in less than 84 days in a commercial composting facility.
The company is jointly owned by Florida Crystals® Corporation, American Sugar Refining, Inc. and Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, a cooperative of 45 mostly family-owned farms that have been proud to carefully cultivate sugarcane and vegetables in Palm Beach County for generations.

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