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As the Young Professionals of the Palm Beaches approaches its 5th anniversary, it is amazing to see how much the organization has grown. YPOP’s many accomplishments are due in part to its engaged members, relentless leaders, dedicated sponsors and community partners. I am beyond ecstatic to serve with an amazing group of “movers and shakers” in this community.  Over the years, as I’ve grown personally and professionally, I have to attribute my successes to the support of YPOP. Through its resources and connections, it has helped me to think outside the box, motivated me to work harder, and encouraged me to always give back. YPOP is a conduit for young professionals to get involved, whatever their passion is. Through the support of sponsors and community leaders, the organization continues to make a monumental difference.  It really is a great honor to be the president of a thriving professional organization which is making a major impact on our community.

Julia Murphy
Compass Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Lake Worth and the Palm Beaches
2015 – 2016 YPOP President

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